Welcome to my little corner…

……of the world. Thanks for stopping by! Come on in, read some stories, hear some songs. Take a deep breath. Stay awhile.

I’m K.C. I’m a mom of two tiny humans, a lover of vulnerability, kindness and words, and I help others feel less alone in the world one song and one story at a time.

I write songs for….

the hopeless perfectionists, the messy ones, the survivors, the lonely, the never-good-enoughs, the fighters, the never-have-it-all-togethers, and the-always-too-muches of the world.

My stories are for….

the dreamers, the lovers, the broken-hearted, the ones who forgot to put themselves on the list, the hopeful, the grieving, and the imperfect.

Some folks call my music cheap therapy :)

My latest album is my gift to you. Grab your download below. I hope it finds you where you are.

Peace, K.C.


New Music Out Now!

My new record "Coming Bare" is now available! It’s a live album I recorded over two magical sold-out shows in the spring, chock full of truth-telling and songs I wrote to help us all feel less alone in this crazy world- myself included. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Head over to my Store to own a copy or grab a digital download of my previous records.

 In case no one has told you today, you are loved and your life has value.



Vulnerable, inspiring, honest, and full of hope. Musings behind the music, motherhood, and more.

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