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The Tag Hollow Sessions

by K.C. Clifford

K.C. Clifford's most recent album is The Tag Hollow Sessions, recorded at Blackwatch Studios in Norman, Oklahoma with producer Will Hunt. Unlike previous albums, this 13-track opus was written in seclusion, at a remote cabin in Northeastern Oklahoma, in an area known as Tag Hollow.

The cabin – named Gleneyrie after her grandma, Glennes – was built by her great-grandparents in 1933. Clifford retreated to Gleneyrie following months of intense nationwide touring in support of her album, Orchid. According to Clifford, the solitude reenergized her creative spirit.

“Tag Hollow is set way off the main road, it’s all dirt road and you have to wind around and down into a valley and then up a steep narrow hill until you get to the cabin itself… I spent a lot of time there as a kid, catching fish and playing in the swimming hole below the dam. It’s almost sacred ground for me,” she said. “As I’d hoped, Tag Hollow became a creative wellspring and before I knew it I had written more than enough for a complete album.”