Love What Matters

Sisters, I needed to read this post on Facebook today. Maybe you do too. It is a deeply saddening reality to see the level of fat-shaming that is still an accepted norm in our society. This year I was horribly fat-shamed by a surgeon I went to for a consult. I wish I could tell you that I stood up, fought back and put him in his place. But truth is, I froze. Afraid that the way he saw me, as disgusting and vile, was really who I am. Afraid that a set of numbers defines me, gets to be the story. I was buried in the shame of his misplaced view of me. Needless to say, he didn't get my business and I'll never set foot in his office again. But it took awhile for me to unpack the experience. Just yesterday I hid a post from a FB friend, a woman, who was telling fat jokes and touted them as hilarious. THIS IS NOT OKAY. We have got to WAKE UP and remember we are in this together. It's not me against you. It's not my wardrobe, or my parenting, or my dress size, or my salary, or my house, or my strengths against yours. STOP IT. We are better together. Put down your judgments, your insecurity formed weapons and CHOOSE LOVE. CHOOSE KINDNESS. There is a world of little girls looking at us to learn. LET US TEACH THEM A NEW WAY.