#TruthBooking: National Coming Out Day

#TruthBooking: In my heart and mind's eye we are creating a world where no one, NOT ONE PERSON, has to "come out" from a place of hiding or shame into a place of light and being known for who they are, for who God made them to be. I grieve that we don't live in that world yet. It's been a holy honor to hold the first uttered stories of several dear friends, to be the person for whom they felt safe enough to speak their story and own their truth out loud for the very first time. Those moments were incredibly sacred, so much so that I sometimes wonder how I got to be in them.
In my relationships, I want to be known as someone who is safe. I want to be known as an ally. I stand with each of you who are finding your way out of hiding. My arms are open wide to receive you, to affirm you, to see you, to hear you, to know you, to call you good and loved and lovely. I don't think you need a day to celebrate being able to live in the light in a world that has called you less than human for so long. I think we need to celebrate those victories every damn day until being who you are and being vested with the same humanity and rights as everyone else around you is completely and utterly normal. I will continue to fight for a world that looks like that. I will continue to fight for you.

For all of you who spend today remembering those first utterances, the first time you heard your voice, my heart breaks knowing so many of you were not met with love. Your "coming out" was traumatic and shaming. I'd imagine this day can be a mixed bag of all the feelings. I hope you will show up for yourself today and spend some time breathing in the love and acceptance you have always deserved. You are WORTHY OF LOVE AND NOT SHAME.
For all of you who are struggling to understand, to accept, those of you grappling with long held ideas and belief systems.... I see you, too. I get it, I really do. God has walked me on a 27 year journey to where I am now. It has not been a simple or linear path. I had to live in the questions for an excruciatingly long season. I am thankful for the grace I've received, and for friends who have helped me through the hard conversations, and dug through the Scriptures with me. The messy middle is uncomfortable and weird. But I am so grateful I got brave enough to ask the questions and look deep into what I believe and why. I'm holding a hand out to you. You are not alone. I urge you to keep excavating the questions until you come to the place where love is the only answer.