Kid Chronicles: Save Yourself

Hollis had a pair of pants on his head, and Beatrice said he looked like a jester.

Since she had a ready-made jester, Bea announced that she was now the Princess, and furthermore she was locked in a tower (aka upstairs in mommy and daddy’s bed.) She promptly ordered the Jester to go get the Prince (Daddy) and tell him to come rescue her. Hollis-the-Jester obeyed the Princess’ commands, (she’s very persuasive aka bossy). He went downstairs and returned alone.

A disappointed Princess Beatrice said with incredulity, “Where’s the Prince?”

Jester Hollis shrugged his shoulders and replied, “He’s washing dishes downstairs. I guess you have to save yourself.” 

I think this was a good lesson for the Princess. And also, a prince who does the dishes is my kind of Prince.

And they lived realistically ever after.