Winfield, KS

#TruthBooking: Taking a rest in the trailer in between sets and rehearsals at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival. Playing again tonight at 9:45. I’ve written quite a bit about my motherhood musician life, and this festival is a good picture of the challenges. I stayed an extra night at home last night so I could be there with the kids before school. Drove to Kansas after school drop off in time for a set on main stage this afternoon. Tonight after our set, I’ll make the 2.5 hour drive home so Beatrice will have her Mama there when she greets the sun on her 6th birthday. I printed her birthday sign in advance and wrapped her presents last night so they are ready. (No, I didn't wrap the fish). Kindergarten parent-teacher conferences are a bonus in the am, which I will no doubt bring my best self to after approximately 4 hours of sleep. We will spend the day celebrating however Bea pleases, as is our custom. When Hollis wakes from his nap, we will all pilgrimage to Kansas for the weekend, in time to get the kids to bed and make my 10 pm set. So for now, I rest in the trailer, wondering if I've done enough today, but choosing to have faith and practice a little self-care while I can. I'll be bringing you snippets of the festival and the birthday girl as the weekend moves on. You are loved. ❤️